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Who We Are

Located near the Black Hills of South Dakota, High Plains Lean Beef is a family-owned company with a passion for raising cattle. Owner Fred Stiles comes from a family of cattle ranchers, dairy farmers, veterinarians, and butchers. Today, they keep the family tradition alive by raising and selling high-quality grass-fed beef.

Why Grass-Fed?

At High Plains Lean Beef, our cattle are grass-fed in large lush pastures where they can roam around in a natural environment. The cattle are never treated with any unnecessary hormones or antibiotics. We believe in providing only the highest quality, nutritious, and delicious beef you can find. Compared to grain-fed beef, grass-fed beef contains less total fat and contains more Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Potassium, Iron, Zinc, Phosphorus, and Sodium.

Our grass-fed beef is:

Naturally Grown

Our animals are grown naturally. No GMO’s, grass-land bird-friendly, no herbicides, no pesticides, no antibiotics and no hormones. All animals are free roaming and are not confined.

Order your beef share to your specifications!

Quarters- $1,300.00 (guaranteed 100 lbs)

Half- $2,600.00 (guaranteed 200 lbs)

Whole- $5,200.00 (guaranteed 400 lbs)

Deposit is half down and balance due when beef is ready for delivery.

Pricing includes delivery to your door (within 100 miles of Nisland, SD)

10% off order paid in full

High Plains Lean Beef also sells other quality meat products so check out our store! We know you will find something you will love! Also sign up for our mailing list so you can get the latest updates on our products for sale, great recipes, and information that is helpful to you and your family.

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