Located in the sunny plains of northern Colorado, High Plains Lean Beef is a family-owned company with a passion for raising cattle. Owner Fred Stiles comes from a family of cattle ranchers, dairy farmers, veterinarians, and butchers. Today, they keep the family tradition alive by raising and selling high-quality Corriente beef.

Fred chose to raise Corriente cattle because of their environmental and health benefits. Not only is the meat lean and flavorful, but the cattle themselves have a reduced impact on the environment when compared with typical conventional breeds. On average, they weigh nearly 400 pounds less than conventional breeds, meaning that they cause less damage to soft or muddy areas. Their grazing habits also diminish the presence of weeds without harming the native bunch grasses. Overall, Corriente cattle are kinder to the environment and provide leaner, healthier beef for your family.

Corriente beef is: Naturally low in fat. Naturally low in cholesterol. Naturally low in calories.

The diagram below compares the cholesterol, fat content and calories of Corriente beef against conventional beef, pork chops, and Chinook salmon:


And, Corriente beef is tender, juicy, and delicious! High Plains Lean Beef strives to provide beef that is perfect for our healthy, humane and environmentally conscious consumers.

At High Plains Lean Beef, the Corriente cattle are grass-fed in large lush pastures where they can roam around in a natural environment. The cattle are never treated with any unnecessary hormones or antibiotics. We believe in providing only the highest quality, nutritious, and delicious beef you can find.

Order your beef share to your specifications!

Quarters- $650.00 (guaranteed 100 lbs equals $6.50 lb!)

Half- $1300.00 (guaranteed 200 lbs equals $6.50 lb!)

Whole- $2600.00 (guaranteed 400 lbs equals $6.50 lb!)

Deposit is half down and balance due when beef is ready for delivery.

Pricing includes delivery to your door (within 100 miles of LaSalle)

10% off order paid in full

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