Hi! I recently purchased some of the pork and beef a la carte and everything has been terrific! – (Alex, April 2020)

I had the opportunity to test the roast, hamburger patties, and ground beef. While each were unique in their own right, they all shared in their tenderness and great flavor. My wife and I prefer leaner meat and thats exactly what we got with High Plains. Highly recommended!

Great quality meat! Much better than meats purchased at the grocery store! – Monique

They seem dedicated to their brand and strive to offer excellent customer service – Dom

Very pleased! – Amazon Customer

I am very happy with my order. It arrived on time in perfect condition. I cooked it and was very impressed, I used a pressure cooker and it turned out perfect, thanks Amazon Customer

Thanks so much for all of the info and the great service Barb

Thanks for some good steaks for my last dinner with my son prior to college. Golden Farmers Market Customer

We literally just yesterday smoked the bison brisket we bought from you at the farmer’s market over the Summer.  It is delicious, by the way.  – Yvonne

I had the medallions last night, they were wonderful.  Dan

I love what you’re doing and how you’re doing it. – Wendy

You guys are great! – Charlene

Best ribeyes i’ve ever eaten – Mark

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